Week 6: Half Way Home

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.

George Bernard Shaw, Playwright and cofounder of the London School of Economics


As the team was about to complete sprint 06 of 13, it was time to do a detailed retrospective. In order to get a deep feeling of what each time member felt. Our agile coach, Al Sinoy, helped us create a timeline of memorable moments:

The timeline details memorable markers (or milestones) along our first six weeks. This list of events was created through group discussion, which was time boxed and given two or three iterations, in order to hash it out.

Then, each team member (colour coded by Design, Dev., PO/SM) wrote their own account (in silence) of just how happy or how sad a given milestone made them feel. This was an excellent approach to finding out just how happy or sad a team member is, without any type of stressful confrontation.

One of the themes that was apparent from the happy/sad index, was that as the weeks were progressing, the stress level (naturally) was building for developers as they sought to actualise the design. The next step was to discuss and pull out themes that were apparent by clustering the stickies:

The team then organised items by:

  • Team
  • Client
  • Concept
  • Process
  • WTF

The penultimate step was to dot vote on the most important items to creation actionable for. The votes were all split between ‘concept’ and ‘process’. This then allowed us to come to a conclusion on the retrospective by creating the following actionables:

This agile approach to retros allowed us to:

A) understand our journey to date, how we all see it to be

B) gain true insight into each team members joys and fears (in an un-intimidating fashion)

C) To align on actionables that remedy our process in a productive way that brings satisfaction to all team members

Let’s go 2nd half…here we come!

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