Week 9: Completing the Core

Whoever does not know how to hit a nail on the head should be asked not to hit a nail at all.

Friedrich Nietzsche, Philosopher and Cultural Critic

As the team turned the corner into the final furlong, the last 3rd of the project, weeks 9-12, it was critical that those elements identified as ‘core’ to the solution are rounding into form. Feedback has been fluid (both from stakeholders and user testing) but it is now time to ramp up production. To that end, the team is working on a medium fidelity prototype (in-vision) and ticking of some of the core development tasks (such as sliders and filtering). With some bumps to iron out between the back-end and front-end, nailing down the blockers and how to resolve them is critical.

Considering how hot the project room was, we unpacked and conducted sprint planning in our lounge area, using one colour and one column per team member (always gotta keep it fresh).


Meeting Unpack РSprint Goals РSprint Questions РTo Do 

The meeting unpack is a means of not only gathering data from the client meeting but also to ‘same page’ the team, so that everyone’s understanding aligns.

The Sprint goals is a draft version in which team members can align on the vision for the upcoming week. The final draft becomes a user story format (see below in the sprint diagram).

The Sprint Questions ensure that the goals of the sprint have actual aims, a means to bring about actionables.

The To Do is a draft version of what becomes the tasks (or clusters of tasks) that will go on the Sprint Board.


The final eight weeks of the project shape up as follows:


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