Week 11: The Roadblock

“No person is honoured for what he receives. Instead, honour is the reward for what they gave”

Calvin Coolidge, 30th president of the United States


It’s 3 weeks from delivery, production is (and has) been in full swing. Everything seems swell, team’s happy, client’s happy…..wait, maybe not! We received word from our faculty supervisor that the client is not all too impressed with the “level of quality” in our UI (insert punch to the gut meme here).

Did we miss something? I mean, we’d just had a client meeting the day before, no negatives, no deltas, no flags? Is it truly that they’re unimpressed with the design or is it a classic case of seeking to squeeze as much juice out of the orange as possible (i.e. stigmas that students must be pushed yada yada).

After receiving the news, the team huddled, faces looking long, energy zapped, it was like the sun fell out of the sky. A whole range of emotions ensued, everything from venting to despondence. Some felt we should just keep moving, fight the good fight, others felt that we should defend ourselves.

We quickly ran a session to weigh the value of each element that needed to be improved, planning to share these improvements with the client one-by-one. Look, we needed to vent, to share what we felt about the ‘negative’ feedback but beyond that, we wanted to deliver our own punch, so our work ethic took over.

What SEEMED to be a down point became a turning point in the team’s approach. We believed in our product, our vision, our ability to deliver quality. We buckled down and ramped up our design, polishing and polishing, determined to see our day of redemption. It wasn’t the end, more like the beginning, we’ll see our day in the sun!

To be continued…


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