Week 13: The End…For Now

“Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything”

George Bernard Shaw, Playwright and cofounder of the London School of Economics 



End of Project Lunch at Italian Kitchen, Downtown Vancouver

Alas, it’s time to wrap it up….for now, is it ever really the end? We were posed the following question from our Agile coach, Al Sinoy:

“If you were to give advice to a future MDMer on how to co-create a championship team and reach great wins, what would it be?”

Anthony Duffy, Scrum Master:

Respect. Plain and simple. The foundation of a great team is not simply skilled developers and gifted artists, nor is it savvy project managers or UX wizards. It is the emotional intelligence to understand that everyone is important, everyone is valuable, and to create the secret sauce that is a a great product, is to understand that making everyone feel valued is the key to a great team recipe.

Camilla Sieben, Product Owner:

Make sure everyone feels comfortable in expressing themselves and sharing ideas. Creating a good work environment generates flow and commitment. And when all the team members are committed to delivering a great product and confidence is built, it is possible to get the best out of each one.

Helen Nguyen, UX/UI Designer:

In my opinion, there are three things that can help to create a championship team and reach great wins: respect for each other especially when giving feedbacks, understanding each person in the team’s skills and working style in order to adapt and collaborate well together, and a willingness to learn and try out new thing, taking initiatives and helping other team members along the way.

Andy Liu, Developer:

Communication is key to the success of a good project. Constant update from oneself to the team can help them understand your needs and ideas. Making sure your voiced is heard, listening is also a key part of communication as well as letting others have a chance to express themselves. The best ideas sometimes come from nowhere.

Cathy Yang, Developer:

Members in a winning team should be frank and constructive when giving feedback, whilst respecting other’s work. As colleagues, team members should be open to suggestions and be flexible. Cultivating such a culture allows the team to exchange suggestions and concerns fearlessly for the whole team to understand each other’s point of view, which consequently allows the team to make the necessary steps to further perfect the product.

Annie Wang, UX/UI Designer:

Defining responsibilities clearly at an early stage of a project is very important. In this project, our three designers defined our specific responsibilities, for example: testing, wireframing, UI design, etc. It worked well and we collaborated efficiently because there’s no overlapping amongst our roles.

Krishna Sriram, Lead UX Designer:

Reflexivity, reactivity and retrospection are all keys to success. You want to quickly be able to change your stance or assumptions on something and quickly react to roadblocks and problems. This applies to both product and process. Process is often undervalued and helps establish rhythm. Building and adjusting your process framework through retrospection is a big multiplier. And let people have ownership and have high standards for each other. Push each other.




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