Week 13: The Final Presentation

“The beginning of knowledge is the discovery of something we do not understand”

Frank Herbert, Author

The final presentation as Telus Digital employees look on


So it’s that day, the moment we’d been thinking about for three months. Part tense, part exciting, invigorating yet draining, it was time to present our deliverable. Three months of blood and sweat, bound together by the constant pursuit of success, we were ready….no really, we were ready!

Every project has twists and turns, ours was no different, but the turning point had to be the day we received some negative client feedback. To be honest, it was a buzzkill. I mean, it should be right? You work so hard, hoping to win, not expecting to lose. Nonetheless, it hardened our team, made us more resolute, and by delivery Monday, we were ready to show we belonged.

Team slide from the final presentation deck.


The presentation was almost 50 mins in length, almost 50 people in attendance. We were being put to the test and we knew it but we felt strong. Part of that reason was the spirit of a team that had worked so well together, adjusted to every bump and ripple on the path. We organised our presentation carefully, we set the stage by stating the problem, before entering the demo, we made sure that the problem space was carefully occupying the minds of our attendees.

Screenshot from the product demo.


The demo was handled smoothly by Andy and Helen, it was a redemption moment, our time to shine so to speak and we unveiled our glistening new bundle builder. Sliders, filters, search results, we felt we had a winning idea, a winning solution, so we acted like it.



After the demo, we jumped to the the behind the scenes stuff, the business side, the algorithms, the special sauce, then the UX approach, what worked, what didn’t, what user tests taught us – important was to mention what just sucked, what didn’t work – this was a highlight too.



We wrapped it up with a discussion on next steps, the things we couldn’t get to but we wanted to like  a mobile version, existing customer approach and more. By the time it was done, it was a sweet feeling to see so much appreciation from Telus, from people who are experts in the realm of development, design and management.

We can say without a doubt that without the Interdisciplinary Improvisation course (in term 1), without the tools, the techniques, the industry experts, our mentor, Al Sinoy, we would have had a difficult time navigating such an environment, but we can truly say that after one year of learning, we were totally ready for the challenge and hoped for and expected a good outcome. It was a real confidence builder for the team and more of a celebration of our product than anything.


Until the next iteration!!!!!



Just before their final presentation at Telus Digital

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