Week 2

Week Two:
Our Decision – Bundle Builder

Faced with the decision to work on a website portal (myTelus), the Bundle Builder, or a pitched project, Botify settled on the Bundle Builder since it has the most value proposition, and meshes well with the team’s skills and backgrounds.

Meeting Flow

  • Discuss CDM team roles and responsibilities
  • Outline project logistics (working locations, schedule etc)
  • Analysis of project options
  • MyTelus
  • Bundle Builder
  • Takeaway – Our top choice
  • Discuss project direction
  • Next steps

Areas of Discussion


Botify weighed the pros and cons of a portal site, and although it would have provided a fun UI journey, it didn’t have the lasting appeal desired since portals are très passé nowadays.

Bundle Builder

This option got the teams mojo going. It provides plenty of room for growth in business, marketing, UX/CX (the key), UI and overall web technologies. The team expressed a desire to bring a CX that is outside the box, the challenge being to improve the CX whilst not abandoning the business goals.

Deliverables Expectation

The team aligned with Telus in understanding that a ‘working prototype’ will be developed, something that isn’t a live site but not too many steps away from reaching that goal.

In the Short Term (Next Sprint Suggestions from Telus Side)

Telus expressed the need for the time to dive into the data…before working on a design sprint, so the next sprint’s focus will be on just that, understanding the data, understanding the problem!