Week 5: The Feature Matrix

As we delighted on finish our first prototype, the first stepping stone, the true spade in the ground…we wondered, well, what next and how?

The feature matrix helped us to understand the value vs effort. It is the tool that helped us order our roadmap. Like a trip from LA to NY, what needs to be done first, Vegas or Aspen? What was clear to the team through this process, was that there is a core and a subsidiary to the project.

The Core:

  1. Filtering/Recommending
  2. Chat Bot
  3. Comparison/Checkout


  • Address Input
  • Progress Bar
  • Share
  • Input
  • Order Code
  • Context (welcome/conclusion)

With this identification in place, Botify will take a non-linear approach to the project, tackling the meatiest portions of the project, the core, those things that really define the bundle building process as smart, useful and un-tedious. Time to rumble!