Team Anatomic's first step was to connect with our client and get our brief. We exchanged resources, defined the problem, goals and expectations for the project.


Many students cannot visit anatomy laboratories in person to gain essential medical training.

Our challenges included deconstructing the mind of a doctor to organize information in a way that provides users with a resourceful, immersive and accessible experience about human anatomy.


According to our survey, 100% of students had access to a PC/Laptop.

Majority prefered to gain education on this platform due to accessibility, screen size, and ease of use.


To develop an immersive virtual anatomy lab where students can closely and respectfully inspect and compare multiple specimens as per the UBC Faculty of Medicine’s syllabus.

Early Concepts

The team created 3 early concepts to help us identify the most effective way to teach a user about human anatomy.

Museum Walk

The key feature is to explore a 3D anatomy lab environment like a museum to find specimens.


Key features included a human proportion indicator and a gallery of specimens that allow users to easily navigate through the human body.

Medical Tray

The key feature included analysis of a specimen on a medical tray through camera rotation.


Within 4 weeks the team merged key features across all concepts to create the most effective solution. We defined the scope, timeline and development tasks.


With the team, UBC faculty of medicine and HIVE in perfect alignment, we began developing the digital prototype.

Link to CMS

User Testing

"This is amazing! I can now do the same work I used to do at the lab at home with my computer!" - Olivia Marais, 4th Year UBC Medical Student


Alessandra Huang

Project Manager / Software Developer

Vikrant Rajan

Project Manager / UI/UX

Cathie Lu

3D Artist

Leo Chen

Software Developer

Ali Shafie

Software Developer

Joshua Grant