ravr meetups @ the CDM

May 26 2017

Shara Li CARIS Lab UBC
Wolfgang Stuerzlinger VVISE Lab, SIAT/SFU
Bernhard Riecke and Kate­rina Stepanova, iSPACE Lab, SIAT/SFU
JJ Kim, Steven Wong, and Derek Jacoby, BC Stories Project, CDM/TU Berlin/UVic
Maria Lantin, Intersection Digital Studios, Emily Carr

June 27 2017

Larry Bafia and Rachel Ralph, Design and Evaluation, BC Stories Project, CDM/TU Berlin/UVic
Shara Li,  Implementation Update, CARIS Lab UBC

Bernhard Riecke, Katerina Stepanova, and Alex Kitson, Evaluating Experiences, iSPACE Lab SIAT/SFU
Alan Goldman and Duane Laird, BC Tech and the ‘Collective Hub’ space

July 19 2017
BC Tech Association and The Cube Society
The Cube Open House 329 Railway Street, 5:30-7:30 

The Cube is Vancouver’s first AR/VR/MR accelerator and co-working space.
Find out more about the space, the community and meet some incredible people!

Aug 15 2017 2:00-4:00 Classroom A at the CDM!
Sarah Li, CARIS Lab, UBC
Discussion on shared needs/opportunities
There is STILL time! SAVR Workshop Oct 24
Feb 16 2018 10:00-11:30  The Hangar at the CDM!
Jordan and Lee Brighton, Virtro
Steve DiPaolam VizLab  at SFU. Using AI to more humanize AR/VR.
July 24 2018 10:00-11:30  The Classroom at the CDM!
Rachel Ralph, CDM, User Studies in VR!